For a while I was hoping to have my passion project be about flags. I was going to design one and have it made/make it. It was going to be sick. But for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what to make a flag for! I was originally going to make a “Flag of Ross” but that didn’t interest me. My next idea was a flag for clean energy, but I didn’t have much of a passion for that either.

My hometown, Eatontown, doesn’t have a flag. It just doesn’t. But it is totally an acceptable and normal thing for towns to have them. Just 5 minutes ago I realized that I could legitimately produce a flag for Eatontown and propose it to the government and make it official. Sure, it’s unlikely. But it could totally happen. And it is absolutely what I am doing.

Now I just need to actually learn about my hometown. I need to find what makes it important or what grand things happened in its past that I can harp on. Gah, this is so exciting.

According to my 30 seconds on research, the important parts about Eatontown are that it used to have military bases and it has the Monmouth mall. Focusing on the mall seems like a bad idea because it is shallow and temporary. The Military bases seem like a solid choice because it is something to be proud of, but I am afraid of being another Angola:

If ever a flag looked eager to go to war. Seriously, it’s the angriest flag I’ve ever seen.

I could also focus on the geography, but Eatontown doesn’t really have anything spectacular. I really don’t know what Ima base it on. We’ll see I guess.

I also need to learn how specifically I am going to appeal this to the Gov’t. I’ll find a way, it is kind of their job to communicate with and represent the public so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Wish me luck!